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Dylan Gray
01 July 2013 @ 02:34 pm
This is for the first fanfic challenge over at sam_and_cat

Read the rules here but the gist is that all 7 drabbles had to be between 100-300 words and utilized a specific prompt word.

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Popsicles (271 words)

Sam and Cat were just about to leave Elderly Acres when they heard the familiar sound of an ice cream truck. The truck was passing the parking lot they currently occupied when Cat started poking Sam surprisingly hard.


“What? We're not in some action movie with a car chase scene.”

“You drive a motorcycle, and an ice cream truck isn't a car either. Please? I want popsicles!”

“Yeah, okay. Popsicles sound good to me.”

“Yay, an adventure!” Cat exclaimed while Sam's motorcycle roared to life.

She held her arms closely around her friend's waist and squealed happily as they followed the truck. Sam screamed to the driver to pull over a few times, but he didn't hear her. Eventually the truck stopped in front of a growing crowd of children. Sam took off her helmet and pushed through the kids, ignoring their cries of protest.

“What flavors of popsicles do ya got?”

The ice cream man recited all of the flavors. Sam chewed on her lip and glanced over at Cat, who was now beside her.

“I'll have a grape and a root beer. Cat?”

“Lemon. No—cherry. Wait! STRAWBERRY. And a root beer one too.”

After shoving cash into the man's open palm, Sam and Cat walked to the motorcycle to eat their popsicles.

“Mmm, these are so good, thank you, Sam!” Cat grinned, red popsicle juice running down her chin.

Sam turned around and wiped the juice off with her finger, finishing by popping her now strawberry-flavored finger into her mouth.

“They are good, aren't they?” she smirked.


Panties (282 words)

Cat was the most talkative person Sam had ever met. She'd thought Carly was talkative, but Cat spoke more words in one day than Carly said in a week. Normally Sam would have been annoyed by someone like Cat, but for some strange reason, the redheaded girl only mildly annoyed her. (And there was no one on earth who didn't annoy her at least a little bit.)

“What's your favorite word?” Cat asked her as she took a break from her English essay.


“I said what's your favorite word, not your favorite food,” she giggled.

“All my favorite words are food.”

“Oh! Well, what's your least favorite word?”

“I don't want to say it,” Sam replied stubbornly.

She hated this word so much she never liked to hear it, let alone say it. She knew it was a pretty commonly disliked word, but not as common as a word like “moist,” which was a word Sam found to be perfectly acceptable.

“What letter does it start with?”


“Hehehehe, you said pee,” once Cat recovered from her laughing fit, she returned to the question, “what's the next letter?”


When Cat got to T, she asked Sam why she hated pants. With frustration bubbling up along with a desire to end the conversation, Sam screamed.

“PANTIES!!!!! The word I hate is panties!!!!!”

“Wow, really? That's kind of weird.”

“Yeah, I don't want to talk about it.”

“Kay-kay,” Cat was silent for a moment, “can you help me with my essay?”

“Well, kid, I'm not that great at homework, but mama will take a crack at it.”


Makeup (290 words)

“How come you never wear makeup?” Cat asked innocently as she finished her own, slicking lip gloss onto her mouth.

“I dunno, I just never have. I don't really know how to put it on or whatever.”

After living together several months, it had been Sam who had taught Cat a variety of things—from how to use certain household appliances, to how to cook simple foods—and now, Cat finally had a way to pay her back for all that help. Makeup was something that Cat was an expert on and she thought makeup was a fun way of expressing herself, figuring Sam would agree.

“Well, it IS Saturday! How about we go to the drug store and pick out a few things for you. I'll teach you how to do eye makeup and anything else you wanna know.”

“What, are you finally sick of looking at my ugly mug and wanna cover it up?”

“Wait, what? Nooooo. I love your face!” Cat assured her, leaning forward and grabbing Sam's cheeks in her hands like an overzealous aunt.

“Um...thanks?” Sam's face burned red and she tried to play it off.

“Your face is all red and warm now, are you getting sick?”

“No, I'm fine.”

“But your face is--”

“I'm just blushing, Cat.”


“Shut up or I'm not gonna let you teach me anything.”

Cat clamped her hand over her own mouth to silence herself. She then used her other hand to grab Sam's and pull her out the door. The two of them landed against the wood door with a loud thunk.

“You have to open it first,” Sam chastised.

“I keep forgetting!”


Board Games (228 words)

As babysitters, board games were a big part of Sam and Cat's repertoire to entertain children. While Sam pretended to hate playing them, she actually enjoyed them even more than Cat.

“I got us a new board game!!” Cat said the moment she burst into the apartment.

“Hello to you too,” Sam quirked an eyebrow.

“The game of liiiiiiife.”

“Life's sucky enough without a lousy imitation in the form of a board game.”

Cat stuck out her lip, pouting.

“Okay, okay, we'll play the game of life.”

Immediately the younger girl perked up and sat down cross-legged at the living room table, setting the game up. Sam sat down across from her and looked at the instructions for the game. They began to play. The game seemed pretty decent, Sam thought, but there were a lot of small pieces and the complexity was a bit high for smaller children. Filing that away in her mind for future reference, she rolled the dice. She landed on the GET MARRIED square.

“Ooooh, you're getting married.”

“Gross, do I have to get married? I don't like anyone enough to marry them.”

“What about me?”

“What about you?” Sam feigned innocence.

“Do you like me enough to marry me?”

“I would totally marry you.”

Cat beamed.

“I would totally marry YOU!”


Post-It Notes (300 words)

“For the love of all that is cheesy, what are these doing all over our apartment?” Sam asked Cat, holding a pile of multicolored post-it notes.

“My therapist suggested that I start writing out my feelings.”

“Yeah? Use a notebook like normal people,” she rolled her eyes, irritated by the notes' presence everywhere she went.

“I'm...sorry. I'm not really like normal people. I thought post-its would be easier for short thoughts like mine.”

“Oh,” Sam sighed, “that makes sense.”

She glanced down at the post-its, noticing one of them had her name on it.

“You can read them,” Cat told her suddenly.


Sam sat down on Cat's bed and rifled through them, reading them all. Some of them were silly things, but others were serious—about how much she missed Nona, or how she wished sometimes she was like other people. She finally came across the one where she'd seen her name peeking out and she let out a gasp when she read it.

I think I'm in love with Sam.

“Is this...a joke?” Sam looked up from the note with trembling hands.

“No..” The redhead lowered her eyes, her heart beating loudly in her chest.

“It's just funny, because I, well,” she put the notes down beside of her and scooted closer to her friend, “I might feel somewhat similarly about the situation or something so yeah. Interesting.”

“You love me?"

“I, um, might. Yeah.”

Cat launched herself onto Sam, her arms wrapping around her neck. Sam didn't fight it, grinning at the sudden move from the other girl. A moment later, the older girl brought her mouth to Cat's, finding that her lips were even softer than she imagined. As their lips parted, they both sighed.


Stickers (293 words)
One of the things Sam had noticed upon living with Cat was that her roommate had an astounding obsession with stickers. She had an entire book full of stickers she'd collected over the years. Sam hadn't even really been thinking about Cat when she went to Walmart to pick up a few things, but when her eyes drifted across the aisle and stopped on sheets upon sheets of stickers, she had to sneak a look.

There were so many different sorts that she found herself getting excited, only because she knew how excited Cat would be about it. With a grin she flipped through the sticker sheets and chose ten different ones, throwing them into her basket. She finished shopping and returned to the apartment to wait for Cat to return home from school.

“Honey, I'm hoooome!” Cat giggled as she quoted some television show, dropping her bookbag by the door and wandering into the living room.

"Great! There's a surprise for you on the kitchen counter.”

“There is? I LOVE SURPRISES!” Cat ran into the kitchen, “Is it another smoothie?”



After Cat looked at every single sticker, she unwrapped them and peeled one off. She sauntered across the room quietly, sneaking up to Sam watching television on the couch. Without warning she suddenly put one of the stickers on Sam's forehead.

“Did you just put a sticker on my forehead?”


“You did!”

“Yeah, whatcha gonna do about it?”

Sam got up to chase Cat and instead of doing that, she tackled her in a hug, squeezing tight.

“I thought you weren't a hugger,” Cat murmured.

“I wasn't, but kid, you rubbed off on me.”


Blanket Fort (257 words)
Cat was terrified of storms. When she was scared, she had the strange tendency to pass out. Sam, in effort to distract her from the loud thunderstorm outside, decided to build them a blanket fort to hide out in.

“Okay, it's done!” she yelled to Cat, who was bundled up in blankets on the couch, hiding beneath them.

She didn't respond, so Sam walked over to the couch and pulled the blankets down to reveal her face.

“I finished the blanket fort, come on. Nothing will happen to us in there,” she promised, searching through the blankets for Cat's hand and taking it in hers, “c'mon.”

Cat allowed herself to be dragged over to the fort and she climbed inside after her friend. Looking around, her face relaxed into a smile. She noticed the lantern set up under the blankets and the soft music playing in the background.

“Hey, this is nice,” Cat said slowly.

“It's about to be even nicer. Be right back.”

“Wait! You're going to leave me?”

“You'll be okay, I promise. I'm just going to the kitchen to make us a snack.”


Sam slid out of the fort and went into the kitchen to make them sandwiches. She returned a moment later.

“What if the electric goes out?” Cat asked, eyeing the sandwiches and taking one, stuffing it into her hungry mouth.

“We have plenty of flashlights and candles, we'll be fine. And if anything happens, I'll protect you.”



Dylan Gray
27 June 2013 @ 07:45 pm
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Cat
Rating: K+
Prompt: Sam accidentally breaks Cat's stuffed giraffe and goes to great lengths to fix it before Cat finds out.

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Sam didn't remember falling asleep a second time. She remembered Cat jumping on her early that morning. That was her friend's charming alternative to an alarm clock. Somewhere between Cat leaving and this moment, she'd managed to fall back asleep, a situation on which she blamed her warm pajamas and Cat's comfortable bed.

Sam had been sleeping on the fold out couch a few nights ago when Cat had a nightmare. The bubbly redhead sprinted into the living room with sweat dripping down her face, her voice high and alarmed as she yelled Sam's name. Sam hadn't minded being woken up at 3AM, because at least this time she wasn't being closed into the couch by Cat's wacky Nona. Without hesitation she followed Cat and slipped beneath her roommate's covers, comforting her as best she could.

She'd slept in Cat's bed every night since, for almost a week now. She still wasn't used to waking up in this room. The walls were bright pink and seeing them always seemed to jolt her awake. She rubbed her eyes and wiggled around, feeling something stuck underneath her. It was Cat's prized purple giraffe, the stupid stuffed animal she carried everywhere, wedged between Sam's bottom and the side of the bed facing the wall. Tired and stubborn, she pulled at the animal's long neck.

Her eyes snapped open when she heard a loud RRRRRip. Her mouth was wide as she held the head and neck of the animal, realizing with horror that the body wasn't attached.

Fu—dge!” she couldn't bring herself to curse in Cat's home, even though she knew she was alone.

What was she going to do?! Cat would be devastated if she came home to the mangled body of her favorite stuffed friend. Sam had seen Cat's hysteria over the cancellation of That's a Drag—and that would be nothing compared to her reaction to this. No, Sam had to fix this somehow. She couldn't stand to see Cat upset especially over something that was her fault. Besides, if Cat found out she'd probably never speak to her again.

With a defeated sigh she dropped the decapitated head onto the covers and leaned down to grab her cell phone off the table. She didn't know that many people here in LA, but she needed help. Cat couldn't help her because it was Cat's animal she was trying to fix. Dice wouldn't be of use because he was in school, and, well, pretty useless. She would have to call Nona. Sucking in her breath, she navigated to Nona's name on her contact list and pressed the call button.

Holding her Pearphone in her hand, she listened impatiently for her call to be answered. After about six or seven rings, Nona finally answered.

Sam? Why are you calling me? Has something happened to Cat?” she asked, sounding concerned.

No, not exactly. Nona...I did something horrible.”

Do you need me to help you hide a body?”

Sam couldn't tell if Nona was serious or not. She coughed, her throat becoming dry with nerves.

Nothing like that, but it's good to know I can count on you if that day ever comes,” Sam admitted with a wry grin, “no, actually, I called for your advice.”

Are you sure this is Sam?” Nona knew Sam wasn't one to ask for help or advice.

Yeah, yeah, I know,” Sam sighed, “It's serious though. Or serious for Cat. I was sleepy this morning and I felt something underneath me and without thinking I grabbed it. It was Sam's stuffed giraffe, you know, the purple one that she loves so much? Its head ripped off! I don't know what to do, she's gonna freak if she gets home and finds it like this.”

His name is Mr. Purple. I got it for her when she had her tonsils out. Now, you have a few options here.”

What are they? I'm running out of time here, Grandma!”

You could find the same giraffe at the store and try to pass it off as Mr. Purple...but you run the risk of her discovering that it's not her original giraffe,” Nona explained slowly, “or you could try to fix him. Can you sew?”

The frustrated blonde laughed bitterly.

Sew? I failed home ec! What about you? Can you fix it for me?”

I don't know, Sam, I have to get ready for a funeral I'm going to today. One of my friends here at Elderly Acres has passed on.”

You have plenty of other friends who are going to die soon and have funerals! Can't you just skip this one?” Sam was desperate, it would only be a few short hours before Cat got home.

No, I can't just skip this one. If you can't sew, then go to the toy store. I got Mr. Purple there, but it's been a few years, so they might not have it. I guess you can just try your luck there.”

Ugh! Fine. Enjoy the funeral,” Sam murmured.

Okay...” came Nona's hesitant response.

Wait! Is there going to be food?”


At the funeral, is there going to be food?”


Oh, crepes. Never mind then!”

Sam hung up the phone and hurried into the kitchen, grabbing some cold pizza and eating it on the way out to her motorcycle. She sped a little on the way to the toy store, getting nervous about the serious lack of time she had to fix this problem. Running inside, she grabbed the first employee she saw, tugging at their blue vest.


Uh, excuse me?” the jittery young man asked her.

I NEED A PURPLE GIRAFFE. Do you have any of those?” Sam clung to his clothing, giving him her most serious stare.

I, um,” he gulped, “I don't know, but I'd be happy to escort you to the aisle where we keep all of the stuffed toys. Would you like that?”

Sam let go of him and shook her head.

Nah, Pimples. Just tell me what number.”

Aisle seven.”

Without another word, she slid across the floor toward the aforementioned aisle. She tore through every stuffed animal in that aisle, even finding a giraffe or two, but no purple ones. No Mr. Purple. Not bothering to put away the toys she'd dropped on the floor in her haste, her sneakers squeaked as she jogged toward the exit.

Her next plan was to involve Dice—but this wasn't going to be easy, considering he was in school. Sam looked up the phone number for Dice's school and called, using her best parent voice to tell them that his mother would be picking him up early today. They didn't even question it, but they asked her to come inside, while she wanted to wait outside. There was no way she could pass for Dice's mom, could she?

Realizing she was still clad in her pajamas, Sam made a quick stop at the closest thrift store and picked out the most mom-looking outfit she could find. She changed into the horrific ensemble and put her pajamas into the hidden compartment on her bike. Sam drove to the school, her stomach tying in knots as she pulled up to the building.

It had been a while since she'd been at an actual school. Sam was normally really good at manipulating people though. She was a good actress and people tended to believe her more often than not. All she needed to do was commit to this role. Her boots were pretty high so they made her look taller, but she was still short for an adult. With a feigned confidence, Sam strode into the school. Her head was held high as she walked into the office and up to the receptionist.

She told the woman she was here to pick up her son. A moment later, Dice came into the office. He looked at Sam with a strange expression, about to open his mouth and ask her what she was doing her. Instead he realized this was his chance to get out of school early, so he gave her a hug and thanked the receptionist.

The two of them walked out together and Sam let out her breath, amazed she'd managed to get away with yet another elaborate lie.

Not that I'm not happy to be out of math class, but why'd you come pick me up? And you look nothing like my mom, by the way. That pantsuit is HILARIOUS,” Dice laughed and Sam punched him in the arm.

Shut up, it was part of the plan. Now, I hate to admit this, but you're a pretty smart kid. I need your help with something.”

Dice rubbed his greedy little hands together.

I'll help. For a price.”

Ten bucks?” Sam offered through gritted teeth.




Thirteen, or I'm marching you back in there and convincing them to give you detention.”

Deal,” Dice held out his hand to shake on it.

I'm not touchin' your sweaty digits. Hop on,” Sam climbed onto the motorcycle and Dice got on behind her.

After explaining the situation at hand, Sam listened to Dice's ideas. His were pretty much the same as hers—try to fix it, buy a new one—he even suggested to just tell Cat when she got home and offered to throw a toy funeral. Knowing that she wasn't going to get anything out of him, Sam stopped at the apartment complex and let Dice off.

She sighed, sitting there as she tried to think through the situation. There had to be something that she was missing.

A moment later, a familiar face walked by—it was Melinda, one of the mothers whose kids she and Cat had babysat for. She said hello and Sam returned the greeting, sliding off her bike and following the woman to the complex.

Hey, Melinda, I really need a favor,” Sam really hated asking anyone for anything.

“You don't need money, do you?” Melinda asked her cautiously.

No, it's nothing like that, I swear.”

Good, because that pipsqueak next door owes me twenty,” she rolled her eyes, “What's going on, Sam?”

It's a long story but basically I destroyed Cat's favorite stuffed animal and I'm trying to fix it before she gets home.”

Oh,” Melinda smiled, “I can handle that. I had to sew up Chloe's favorite bear one or two times. If you want, I can teach you how to sew. Comes in pretty handy actually.”

Yeah, okay.”

Sam got the mangled animal from the apartment and met Melinda at hers, cradling Mr. Purple's broken body in her arms. Melinda inspected him and clucked her tongue, explaining how easy it would be to fix. Instead of sewing it herself, she found one of her children's old stuffed animals in a box. She had Sam deliberately rip one of the arms off, something Sam enjoyed given her thirst for destruction.

Together they sat on the couch, Melinda showing Sam how to sew around the arm. It was a little more difficult than sewing flat cloth, she said, but it was entirely possible. Then she helped Sam pick out a purple thread that practically matched Mr. Purple's skin. Sam set out to sew him up.

When she was done, she held the giraffe in her hands and admired her handiwork. She'd done pretty well, she thought, but it was pretty obvious that Mr. Purple had gained some battle scars. Thanking Melinda, Sam returned to her apartment to change her clothes and consider how she was going to break the news of Mr. Purple's injury to her roommate.

It wasn't long before Cat was bounding into the apartment, dropping her bookbag by the door to run across the room at Sam. It was a habit of hers to hug Sam the moment she got home, squeezing the very life out of her. Sam wheezed as she pulled away, her face growing red with nerves.

Hey, Cat, I need to tell you something.”

Oh, no, is the toilet water red again?”

No, it's--”

Are we out of Bibble?”

No, we're not--”


Cat, stop,” Sam grabbed her shoulders and looked her in the eyes, “I accidentally decapitated Mr. Purple.”

You...what?” Cat blinked her eyes a few times.

I didn't mean to! But I tried to get you a new one, I called Nona, I got Dice out of school, Melinda showed me how to sew...I fixed him, kinda.”

Sam held Mr. Purple up for Cat to inspect. The younger girl plucked the stuffed animal from her friend's arms and stared at his neck, squinting as she did so.

Okay!” she said suddenly, her voice bright.

Wait, you mean, you're not upset?”

It was an accident, right? And you fixed it!” Cat was beaming.


Thank you! You're such a good friend!”

She was enveloped in another soul-crushing hug. Sam didn't mind that so much. She was grinning so widely that her cheeks were beginning to hurt. After all, she'd spent the whole day worrying Cat would be angry with her and she was taking this whole thing really well.

I try to be,” Sam shrugged.

I've never had someone be so nice to me before,” Cat told her quietly, “I'm glad we're friends.”

I'm glad we're friends, too.”

What's that, Mr. Purple?” Cat acted like she was listening to the giraffe speak to her. “Oh, he says, thanks for fixing me! It didn't hurt a bit!”

The girl giggled and carried Mr. Purple with her as she walked to the refrigerator. Sam just smiled, thankful that things had turned out alright after all.

Dylan Gray
26 June 2013 @ 07:40 pm

9 Ariana Grande/Cat Valentine

7 Jennette McCurdy/Sam Puckett

22 Ariana/Jennette and Cat/Sam

examples: image image image

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Ariana Grande / Cat Valentine

image image image

image image image

image image image

Jennette McCurdy / Sam Puckett

image image image

image image image


Ariana / Cat & Jennette / Sam

image image image

image image image

image image image

image image image

image image image

image image image

image image image


please comment & credit if using!

Dylan Gray
25 June 2013 @ 10:00 pm
For a prompt given by seemslikeaporno for the sam_and_cat community
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Cat
Rating: K
Prompt: Cat convinces Sam to dye her hair (or pieces of her hair) a "cuter" color. The color? Pink. Cat's really hard to say no to, okay?!

A/N: It's been months since I've written, and never for this pairing. Be gentle.
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The supermarket wasn't the easiest place to be with Sam Puckett. As a self-described "food enthusiast," Sam tended to go overboard buying groceries, and this day was no exception. Sam always made sure they were well-fed, and if it weren't for her, Cat probably would have attempted to survive on cookies alone.

"Protein is important," Sam told her friend emphatically as she ran her hands across a package of steaks, "as much as I love cookies and bibble, mama's gotta live on more than snacks."

Having decided that particular piece of meat was up to par, the older girl thrust it into their full shopping cart as Cat put her feet up on the bottom bar and let the cart steer itself...toward an end cap of cereal boxes. Sam glanced up from her ham inspection when she heard her friend's familiar squealing sound. Immediately upon noticing the boxes on the floor and Cat's panicked expression, she rushed over and pushed the cart, with Cat still on it, quickly out of the way.

"Nothing to see here!" she said as she ducked down the nearest aisle.

"Wow, thanks for saving me, again," Cat gave her a dizzying grin, stepping down from the now stationary vehicle.

She gasped when she realized what aisle they were in, flailing her arms with the kind of excitement only Cat could portray. Sam bit back a smile, watching the girl's display.

What now?” Sam asked, “I swear, you're worse than the kids we babysit. You're like, a toddler or some chiz.”

"How did you know I needed hair dye?!" Cat interrupted loudly, grabbing Sam's arms.

"Uh...I didn't?"

"Well, I do! The red's fading a little. But what about you? Maybe you could change things up a little?" The redhead suggested innocently, grabbing onto Sam's hair and twisting it around her finger.

"What? Are you saying I'm not a hot blonde?" Sam pretended to be offended and Cat widened her eyes a little.

"Um, no, but I'm just saying, maybe streaks or something, you would look nice with a little color," Cat explained, her voice dropping a bit at the hostility she perceived, "it would look cute."

"I'm not cute."

Cat ignored her comment and perused the available colors, checking to see what they had and thinking about what would look best with Sam's complexion. She had an eye for these sort of things.

"Maybe...pink?" She held up a box of pink dye and Sam shrugged.

"Pink?! Who do you think I am, Barbie? That's not gonna happen.”

"It will look cool!”

I already look cool,” was Sam's protest.

It's just a color, what's the worst that could happen?”

I'll look like Princess Bubblegum threw up on my head, that's the worst that could happen.”

No, you won't! Come on, Sam! Just try it? Please?" She sounded like a child begging for a candy bar, and she was not letting up.

Some of the other customers were staring but Cat didn't notice. She had her arms crossed now and was giving the typical begging face that every five year old had perfected.

Sam didn't know what she expected, but standing there watching Cat stick her lower lip out and give her puppy dog eyes had a strange effect on her. Wondering why it was she felt the desire to make Cat smile, or why she went out of her way not to be mean to her when that was against her nature, she didn't argue with Cat putting the box in the cart along with her own Red Velvet Cupcake coloring.

Begrudgingly she pushed the cart back down the aisle with her roommate bounding happily beside of her.

When they finished checking out, they loaded their things into Sam's recently purchased sidecar, and climbed onto the motorcycle. Cat settled her arms around Sam's waist comfortably, making sure to hold on tight as the vehicle roared to life.

Thanks to Sam's surprisingly good driving skills, the two of them managed to get home safely. After they put away the groceries, Sam and Cat went into the bathroom to dye their hair. Sam put on the gloves and mixed up the other girl's hair dye first, making sure to cover every inch of her hair. Cat opened the bathroom window as the fumes filled the small room. She then opened the box of pink coloring and asked Sam where she wanted the streaks.

"Yeah, I don't know, I'm starting to think this is a bad idea."

"What? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo---"

Sam clamped her hand over Cat's mouth.

"If it'll get you to--" she paused, suddenly pulling her hand away, "did you just lick me?"

Cat nodded proudly.

"You really live up to your name, don't you?" she squinted her eyes at her accusingly.

"I guess so," the younger girl giggled, "so which part of your hair do you want to highlight?"

Knowing when she'd been bested, Sam sighed. If her friends back home found out about this, she'd never live it down.

"You know what? Let's just go for it. Cover it all. You're right, it'll look really cool, won't it? And if it doesn't, we'll just dye it back to normal. No harm done."

"Your whole head? We're gonna look like red velvet cupcakes and bubblegums!!!! Like yummy dessert and candy! Oh, yay! I'm so excited!"

How much sugar have you consumed today?” Sam wondered dubiously.

Shh I need to concentrate,” Cat slathered pink dye across the top of Sam's head, not bothering to wear gloves.

Sam closed her eyes, hoping for the best. When it was time, they both rinsed their hair and sat on the couch watching reruns of That's a Drag while waiting for their wet hair to dry. It didn't take long before the two of them were standing in front of the mirror, admiring Sam's hair.


I do, don't I?” Sam smirked, fluffing up her pink curls.

Let's take a pic!”

Cat took her cell phone from her pocket and positioned it in front of them, nudging Sam and telling her to smile as she put her arm around her shoulder. The flash went off and she looked at the picture she'd just taken.

Hey! It's us!”

And we look goooooood.” Sam drawled, “You should print this one out, we could frame it or something.”

Let's take more!” Cat demanded, putting the phone back in front and leaning over to kiss Sam's cheek, holding her lips there while she took the photograph.

Sam pushed away the moment after, her face unreadable.

I think it's time for dinner.”

Without looking back, Sam hurried out of the bathroom to the kitchen. Her mind was reeling. She hadn't known Cat for very long, yet somehow they seemed a lot closer than she had ever been with Carly. Cat was so touchy-feely, too, and normally something like that would really bother Sam, but yet she didn't mind as much as she thought she would. If she hadn't known better, she would have thought that she'd felt her cheeks grow warm when Cat kissed her cheek a moment ago. But Sam Puckett didn't blush.

Dylan Gray
17 June 2013 @ 12:27 am
I'm getting inspired...by Sam & Cat. I think some fanfiction is forthcoming. I'll probably post it here, as well as on FF.net & archive of our own...just so I have a reason for this account. I also joined the Sam and Cat community on here, hoping to make a few friends.
Dylan Gray
14 June 2013 @ 10:32 pm
This is Dylan, aka hannamona from tumblr. Given the state of things over at tumblr, I am creating this livejournal in case things go awry and my tumblr and/or tumblr as a whole is deleted. For more information about this go to the Bohemea tag on tumblr.

I just want anyone who needs me to have the ability to stay in contact with me, and I want to keep blogging, so while livejournal is in no way similar to tumblr in its sharing format, this is better than nothing.

If anything happens you can always reach me here or via twitter.

Thank you, and hopefully I'll never need to use this account again,
Dylan J. Gray